Ok–I think I finally have this commute from hell thing down pat and it only took me six years! I found these rollers ( they are called Pillowsoft) that are made of spongy material covered with a cloth lined with bendable wire so you just roll up your hair and twist it around so it stays in place. I believe I got them at the drug store. You could probably get them at a K-mart or Walmart (although I never shop at Walmart but thats a long story) OR you could order them on the Internets. There is no hard plastic or metal involved they are easy to sleep on and then the next day it only takes me 7-10 minutes to do my hair! Since gas prices are so high more and more people are taking public transportation,  I have to get to the parking lot about a half hour before the last bus or I don’t get a parking spot. I don’t have time to linger in the morning.

This morning I saw Well Groomed. She was wearing a short sleeve solid white top with a long sleeved striped button up shirt over it (she wore it unbuttoned). So cute! She got a hair cut so presumably it takes her less time to be well groomed!

An elderly tired looking woman drove up with a guy I think was her son. She got out and her son changed seats to take over the wheel. He was tall and skinny and was wearing a dirty t shirt and jean shorts riddled with holes and frayed on the bottom. His unruly mop of hair was bunched up under a sun visor and he had a scraggy mustache and beard. He looked to be in his 40s. What a catch huh?? Probably not working and still living at home with mom. Every womans dream. No wonder his mom looked so tired.

I brought a book to read on the bus, Mary Queen of Scots by Antonia Fraser. I am never happier than when I have a huge historical biography to read. Yes–I am a nerd. I valiantly tried to read it but ended up snoozing instead. The bus driver was talkative so the bus driver groupies were happy. The bus driver got a call from a driver on another bus trying to warn him of bad traffic but our bus driver boasted, “Oh, I sailed right through that stuff!” I thought to myslef, “What do you want? A gold star?”

Its supposed to be wicked hot today (heat index in the 100s) so I applied copious amounts of sun screen this morning right out of the shower.

One of the escalators wasn’t working at metro center. GRR.