Rain again. The weather conditions caused the usual brain cramp on the roads which caused backups and buses to be late. When I got to my commuter bus stop the line was in a large coil underneath the shelter so that everyone stayed dry. When I got there I saw Tubby (wearing a light rain coat) and Jaunty (camels hair coat) joined the line not long after I did. Let me explain “The Line” rules ( the line is the order in which people get on the bus).

lineLine Rules

  • There is NO excuse for cutting in the line. This includes saving a place for friends. If this rule is violated it is possible the violator would experience bodily harm by the violatees. Exception: if you want to grab a smoke you can put your backpack/sack/purse down on the ground in your place until you get back.
  • The line rules are NEVER explained to new comers. This is not problematic except times when a new bus stop is added in town. In cases such as this it is more than likely a rider would not know the beginning of the line from the end. If a person dares step in the wrong end of the line he or she is subject to jeers, threats, mean looks, shouts, an occasional “oh no she didn’t” and a black stain will forever be etched in the memories of the other riders about you (until someone else “disrespects” the line). I’ve seen this and believe me its NOT pretty!
  • If you are in town and the bus is prevented from stopping at the designated location because another bus or metro bus is in that spot or traffic is backed up, those in the line must RESPECT the rules and let those in front of them go first. If that rule isn’t followed see above for possible recriminations.

I have seen people break into a trot when vying for a choice “spot” in THE LINE. Honestly! Once at Metro Center a woman spied me on her way towards “THE LINE” and ran past me which was kind of funny because she was wearing high heels.

I managed to get on the 7:10 bus but we ran into traffic so we lost time there. ALL of the escalators at Metro Center had outages, both outside and in. Luckily all the escalators were working at my designation stop.

The upshot was I left my home at 6:20am and got to work at 9:00pm.

I haven’t seen “well groomed” in awhile. I wonder if she got a new job or is on vacation.