Monday, January 5th, 2009

Times are tough, and our money is not going as far as it used to. Our utility billsrecession4 are outrageous, and the rise in the price of gasoline is making the cost of everything else we buy go up too. What’s worse is some of us worry about whether we’ll be able to keep our jobs.

In order to stay ahead, it’s more important now than ever to stretch our dollars and stay employed. Here are some places to help.

Obama Presidency: A Transition to Power

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In a testament to how far it has come since the collapse of communism, Slovakia became the 16th nation to adopt the slovakia2euro as its currency this week, having met all conditions required for membership much sooner than neighboring European Union members such as the Czech Republic and Poland.

obamaPresident-elect Barack Obama arrived at Andrews Air Force Base tonight, aboard a presidential aircraft for the first time as the principal passenger, as he moved to Washington from his home town of Chicago 16 days before being sworn into office.