rain176x220bThis evening I had the commute from hell–the wet version. Its been raining for two days. I got to my commuter bus stop at 5:40pm. One bus passed without stopping. This did not sit well with the Carrie Nations who immediately got out their cell phones and complained. Lush was also there and complained profusely between cigarettes. We waited and waited in the rain (the temperature dropped throughout the day. It was 54 F when I left my house this morning and by the time I got to the bus stop it was 39 F so we were wet and cold). The Carrie Nations called two more times thinking this would speed up traffic. Alas, it did not. Traffic was snarled in all directions because the DC metropolitan area was having its usual traffic brain cramp that occurs when it rains,threatens to rain, snows, or any other precipitation falls from the sky. A bus finally arrived at about 6:10pm. Our stop is next to a parking garage and Lush actually stepped in front of a car and prevented it from getting on to the street until we got on the bus. You’d have to be drunk to do something like that! DUH! When the bus driver opened the bus door one of the Carrie Nations demanded that we get free rides because of poor service. The poor haggard bus driver agreed because he had his hands full just weaving through the traffic. I can’t deny I wasn’t happy about the free ride though! It took us 25 minutes just to clear town.

The upshot is I left work at 5:10pm and got home at 8:00pm.

edited to add: 12/12/2008

When I left for work this morning it was still drizzling but when the bus got into town it had stopped drizzling and the sun was out (of course ,because of the initial precipitation, we ran into traffic)! At the commuter bus stop there was a pretty long line for the bus. When the bus arrived it was driven by a driver not approved by the “regulars” so about six got out of line to wait for the next bus and an “approved” bus driver. I’ll never understand that. They wait outside in the cold and rain for a bus driver that will get them into town the same time as the “un-approved” driver (who would be running about 10 minutes late) when they could be on a warm bus sleeping!

The escalators at Metro Center were fine but when I got to the platform there was a back up and the crowd was three deep. I managed to get on a train three minutes later.

When I got off my train one escalator was broken at the station (there was a sign that it should be good to go by 12/15…right) so there was only one escalator for people to go up and down so naturally there was a back-up of people exiting the trains.

The upshot is I left for work at 6:30am and arrived at work at 8:45am.

I am reading a trashy biography by Kitty Kelley about the Bush familybush entitled: The Family. I’ll let you know if I like it or not in future posts.