When the alarm went off it was hard to get out of bed. Ophelia was stuck to me like velcro so I spent anop3-11 extra five minutes snuggling with her and listening to her purr and then I faced the inevitable and got out of bed. By the time I got dressed and was packing up my stuff I noticed there was frost on my car! BRRRRR!

The trick to getting a good seat on the commuter bus

Today I had the perfect conditions needed for a good bus seat. These conditions MUST BE PRESENT in order to achieve the goal.

One bus was pulling out of the parking lot just as I was pulling in. By the time I got to the line (the line and the rules that pertain to it will be addressed in another post) there were only two people in front of me. Either the bus that was leaving when I arrived was late or the bus that pulled up about five minutes later was early because there was only about 10 people in line. When you get on the bus you can ascertain your course of action. If the bus is crowded I take an aisle seat nearest to the front. I do this for several reasons:

-I hate the window seats. I think they are too cold. In the summer you get blasted with air conditioning, in the winter cold from the outside creeps in.

-I like to choose who I sit with

-You aren’t boxed in so its not a brain cramp if the person who is sitting next to you gets off at a later stop than you do.

If the bus isn’t crowded and the line is only about 10-15 people chances are you can get a seat in the back to yourself

Today I had the latter choice!

Of course TWO escalators were out in the mid level of the metro. Grrr. Its not that I mind walking–its just with two not working that only left one down and one up on each side so each time a metro train arrives it floods the escalators and a line forms. If you’re running late that takes away minutes from your time.

One of my favorite Bruce Springsteen songs: land of hope and dreams