snowI had ONE hours sleep last night. I was up with heartburn.  I am cranky and groggy and still have heartburn.  We had a snowstorm on Monday which left us with over a foot of snow.  The commuter bus parking lot was a MESS yesterday–just a sheet of ice.  I managed to get parking and stumbled my way across the lot without falling.  Schools were cancelled yesterday so not as many people went to work.  Today, although the parking lot was cleared, they just pushed up the snow and ice around the perimeters of the lot thus blocking out at least 1/3 of the parking spots.  Since school was back in session today it was a mad scramble to get a parking spot.  I opted to take the less crowded bus with the slower bus drive (10 minutes later than my usual bus) so I could get in a nap in which I did.

We have this new guy on my usual morning bus.  He looks like the big black guy in the movie The Green Mile. He takes up two seats and at least once during the bus ride visits the nasty toilette facilities on the bus (consists of a commode and a sink that does not run water.  We get anteceptic towelletes instead. GROSS!).  Anyway, this guy is so huge that he literally parts the aisle as if he was Moses crossing the red sea.  Its very disconcerting when you are trying to sleep and get jostled by this guy at least twice during the ride. And they complain about my back pack! Then again, given his size and stature I’m sure he doesn’t get hassled a lot.  Other than that he seems like a nice enough person but I wouldn’t want to make him mad.

I have seen Lush quite a bit this week.  He was very lushy.  He smokes like a chain.  If I get heartburn I can’t imagine what kind of physical conditions his vices cause him!  Well groomed had to stand behind me in line for the bus home last week and actually SMILED at me. I’m over the moon.

I think the bus regulars have come to the conclusion I’m not going anywhere and I can’t be trained so they grudgingly accept me and my backpack.

busMy commute seems to be back to its Pre-Inaugural hysteria level and is taking the usual hour forty minute round trip instead of the two hour ten minutes or two hour forty minute trip. Ridership on the commuter buses is definitely up though. I have to get to the parking lot at least 30 minutes before the last bus to get a parking space in the lot (I usually take an earlier bus anyway but this means I venture forth at my own peril if I dawdle or sleep through my alarm).

Well Groomed is taking an earlier bus in from Jaunty which is why I haven’t seen her the last couple of weeks. She is probably doing so to compensate for the buses running late. I wonder if she’ll go back to her old schedule? Yesterday I was on the same bus as Occupational Therapy Guy coming and going but the bus was so crowded I didn’t get a gander at his latest project. On the ride home last night some idiot cut off the bus and the bus driver slammed on the breaks in an effort to not rear end the car which caused the bus to lurch and I was flown into the back of the seat in front of me. Luckily no one was hurt. You have to wonder what these people are thinking when they cut off buses and trucks. Is it so important they save a few minutes that they put themselves and others in danger? The funny part is that when I see a car weaving and bobbing through traffic to get ahead of me, I usually end up right beside them or behind them at the next light so what time have they really saved?

The reviewing stands are still up along Pennsylvania Avenue and the Capital is still decked out in its Inaugural finery which gives the city a festive air. With the arrival of a new president and administration you can feel the pulse of the city is more charged. Now if they can only get rid of that stupid red school house with “No child left behind” sign ( written in a childish scrawl as if it was on a blackboard which makes it even more annoying) in front of the Dept. of Education building my happiness will be complete!

Yesterday some streets were closed when the new Prez visited the State Dept. to introduce his new madam secretary of awesome but it didn’t wrangle up traffic too much.