escalators1I am so sorry that I have been derelict in my duty and not posted for awhile. I admit I was caught up in the election and became a news junkie. All day long I read blogs and dialed up the polls. At night I watched news show after news show. I followed every trend, obsessed over CNN’s audience reaction lines during the debates, mulled over each Hail Mary pass and basically fretted until Election Day. On Election Day I volunteered at the polls and this year I was a precinct captain! That sounds important but what it meant was that every few hours I had to go in and check the counts (number of voters in each party). We had to do this because Maryland went paperless in 2004 and installed those stupid Diebold touchscreen voting machines which left no paper trail. Thankfully this is the last year for the Diebold because Maryland is going back to paper ballots. So, this election is over and my duties as a citizen are over until 2010.

The sorry state of the economy has reached the MTA. The commuter buses no longer run on Federal Holidays. There is talk of a massive price hike.

This morning I rode in with Well Groomed, Miss Piggy and Tubby. They all sat in separate seats! The bus was on time and the ride uneventful. I bought today’s Washington Post when I got off the bus. Half the escalators weren’t working at Metro Center, and there was a workman blocking the one that DID work on the mid-level. Sheesh.

In honor of Election Day and Thanksgiving: Stephen Colbert and NY Congressman John Hall sing the Star Spangled Banner.