This morning the disgruntled commuter (DC) had an uneventful ride to the commuter bus parking lot. In the mornings I listen to classical music as I find it to be a peaceful and relaxing way to start the day. I heard a beautiful waltz written by the “Waltz King” Johan Strauss.

I know Strauss is the waltz king because they still taught music appreciation when I went to school. When I arrived the bus was already in the lot so I had to scurry to make it. It was quite full so I had to share a seat with someone who was listening to her IPOD. The volume was quite high on her IPOD and I could hear the rap music she was listening to. The DC is not a fan of rap music so I put on my own IPOD and listened to Elton John’s classic album (The DC is a child of the 70s and prefers the term album to CD or Mp3 or whatever else techno crap term they are calling music compilations these days) Goodbye Yellow Book Road. Elton John may be a foppish clown now but in the 70s his music was cutting edge rock. Many a night the DC drifted off to sleep while listening to GBYBR, Madman Across the Water, Tumbleweed Connection, Don’t Shoot I’m Only the Piano Player and Honky Chateau. Elton penned a mean ballad too which sent my adolescent heart a flutter when I heard songs like: Harmony, Tiny Dancer, Your Song and Daniel. But I digress. Towards the end of my bus ride as we neared a stop a car cut off the bus. The bus came to a jolting halt and a woman fell down in the center aisle. The DC and other concerned passengers made sure she wasn’t hurt. I’m not sure the bus driver even noticed the woman fell as he was busily chatting with the bus driver groupies up in the front. The DC then noticed that Well Groomed was a passenger when she exited the bus. She was wearing a lovely brown jacket and pants ensemble. When I got to the metro naturally the escalator wasn’t working. Grrr.

The ride home was uneventful. All the metro escalators were working! Yay! The bus arrived shortly after I got to the stop. I listened Mozart on my ipod and snoozed. As I was getting off the bus I noticed Jaunty! She was wearing a one piece white jumper with blue and red circles on it. She actually semi-smiled at me!