cell_phone_boothHere is what I heard today on the Metro! I was sitting near one of the exit doors. Behind me in a big booming voice a woman was barking into her cell phone, “Ok you need to stop yelling in my ear!” apparently oblivious to the fact that she was yelling! Then the following (one sided) conversation ensued:

“A person can’t help who their best friend is! he’s my best friend and if you don’t like it you can go!”

“No you can’t!”

“He’s my best friend and you need to respect that!”

By this time the woman had passed me and was standing by the door. She was a tiny thing holding a cell phone in one hand and holding the hand of what looked to be a hapless two or three year old boy. The little boy squirmed and looked wide eyed around the metro car. He seemed to me to be embarrassed. I smiled at him. Then the doors opened and this woman exited the train with this parting shot:

“At least my best friend works and is a productive member of society, your best friend is in jail!”

With that she left dragging her bewildered little boy with her off the train!

Yesterday I must have been wearing a sign that said, “if you are three hundred pounds please sit next to me!”. Thats what happened on my commuter bus and the Metro! I’ve also realized I have becoming increasingly intolerant of cigarette smoke and people talking on their cell phones. You can’t escape cell phones anymore. Wherever I go I am bombarded by the cacophonous sound of people barking into their cell phones. On the street, on the metro, on the bus, in the grocary store, –its madding! I am saturated with the intimate and often times boring details of peoples lives and guess what?? I DON’T CARE!!! Thank goodness I have discovered NPR pod casts. I download This American Life, Old Time Radio, and other shows and broadcasts so I can put on my headphones and hear somone talking about something I actually care about.

Last week it was freezing cold. That coupled with freezing wind made my eyes sting and run. This week its down right balmy with temperatures in the 50s and 60s! My Mom used to say that this was pneumonia weather and make me wear a heavy winter coat even if it was 60 out. I am giving you this weather report in order to make an observation. We have had a huge increase in ridership. At first I thought it was because of the snow and cold weather but now I think its because of the lousy economy and people are saving on gas and the wear and tear on their cars.
People aren’t buying new cars. They are making due with what they already have.

And speaking of cars I wish some people would just take their gas guzzling SUVs and stick them up their dupas! I have an energy efficient economy sized car. When I am flanked by TWO SUVs in the parking lot its HELL getting out of the space!

This week both Jaunty and Well Groomed smiled at me! I glowed all day after that!



This is my last pre-Inaugural post. These low quality photos were taken by me this morning with my cell phone at the Metro Center subway station. On the way in, on my bus, we passed the Capital and rode along Pennsylvania Avenue. Everything was decked out in red, white and blue glory. Its actually really pretty and peaceful today but I shudder to think what its going to be like next Tuesday when between one to four million people descend on DC.

Its really really cold here (13 degrees F, -3 degrees F with the wind chill) and its supposed to go down to single digits in the evening. On the day of the Inaugural its supposed to be a balmy 30 degrees F!

The metro was a mess this morning. There were two train outages on the red line and one on the yellow line. I managed to pack into one car like a sardine only to be told the train would be by passing my stop. Naturally, they didn’t announce that until we were outside so I had to get off the train and stand in the freezing cold for five minutes until one arrived that would be stopping on my stop. Does that make any sense? The upshot is, if Metro is having trouble with normal rush hour traffic today I don’t know what it will be like next Tuesday. It will most likely be the “commute from Xtreme hell”!

I have some RSS feeds here concerning the Inaugural and commuting in DC. I also have a bunch of links (look to your right). It would probably be a good idea to check out some of these links and feeds before you leave for the Inaugural (if you’re going) so you can gauge what you’re up against in terms of roads, metro, weather, parking.

I may post some interesting news stories, videos, etc before Tuesday but I won’t be able to give any first hand accounts of anything as I am off of work until next Thursday. Have a great weekend and holiday!

Metro officials have started to load into vending machines at Metrorail stations commemorative  Barack Obama metrovending2inauguration Farecards and one-day passes, Metro officials said.

metroMontgomery County planners today endorsed building a light rail system along the proposed east-west Purple Line and recommended running the trains mostly above ground and next to the Capital Crescent Trail, a heavily used hiker-biker route.

capitol-building-inauguration-bleachersOfficials are casting doubt on an early projection that 4 million to 5 million people could jam downtown Washington on Inauguration Day

Metro has announced it will charge rush hour fares on Inaugural Day.

metroIt’s got the same address but the transit authority’s revamped Web site has a completely different look today.

The commuter buses don’t run on Sunday so I had to drive to the nearest Metro. Amazingly, just as I got to the platform and sat down on a train the door closed and I was off! I had to switch to the red line and wait for nine minutes for another train but all in all not a bad commute.

Last week I saw Jaunty sporting a new camels hair coat! She topped it off with a cute Christmas stocking pin! I saw Nazi guy twice. He still has the same hair cut (shaved except for up top–which is thicker so its kind of like a thick Mohawk-scary!). He is still wearing a wind breaker but has traded in his gym bag for a back pack.

The weather has turned verrry cold. Even Miss Piggy is wearing shoes (but they’re just plain flat heels, I assumes without nylons, so I can’t imagine they keep her much warmer).

On Thursday was the lighting of the White House Christmas Tree. This tree1blocked traffic and that meant long lines at the bus stops, crowded buses and passengers snarling at each other like wolverines. Bah Humbug! Honestly, we were so packed by the time I got off the bus my foot feel asleep because I couldn’t move it at all during the trip!

I don’t know about you but MY favorite TV Christmas special is Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol (based on Dicken’s A Christmas Carol “starring” the cartoon character of Quincy Magoo as Ebineezer Scrooge) ! Its not shown on tv much but luckily I have it on CD!!

Plunderers March

If you don’t have it on tape or CD don’t worry! You can find most of it on Youtube! Just search under “Mr. Magoos Christmas Carol“. I’ve seen it about a gazillion times and even though my parents have passed on, when my siblings and I get together for the holidays its a must watch and we still know all the words to the songs.

Today is the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Sixty-Seven years ago my dad was a 21 year old and working at a Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) camp in Connecticut saving money so he could go to college.

Here is a short video about the CCC

dadObviously his plans were drastically altered. He fought in WWII in the Pacific Theater and participated in the battle of Kiska in the Aluetion Islands and also in the battle of Okinawa. On anniversaries like this I miss my dad very much and I am so so very proud of him. I miss you dad!

Dad did managed to go to college via the G.I. Bill!