polluted1Have you ever wondered where your city ranks in terms of air quality? If you’re looking for a place with clean, crisp air, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania may not be the best place to settle down. According to the 2008 American Lung Association’s State of the Air report, the Keystone State city has the worst air in the country. The annual report ranks cities most affected by three types of pollution: short-term particle pollution, year-round particle pollution and ozone pollution.

chesapeake_bay_american_cruise_linesThe Chesapeake Bay is not tar-black and dead. It is not bright-green and toxic. It looks just as beautiful as ever, come a sunrise in Annapolis or a sunset over Tangier Sound. What the Chesapeake has become is emptier.

chesapeakebaywatershedChesapeake Progress Reports Painted ‘Too Rosy a Picture’ As Pollution Reduction Deadlines Passed Unmet