Overcast day. Even Jaunty looked a little downtrodden. I got to the parking lot a little late so I was one of the last to board the bus. We had a reunion of sorts with both Jaunty and Nazi Guy on the bus today. He still has the same scary hair cut–and wind blazer! I dozed off about 10 minutes into the bus ride and woke up as we were entering the city. Since I’ve seen the movie Fried Green Tomatoes about 100 time I thought it was about time I read the book on which it was based: Fried Green Tomatoes and the Whistle Stop Cafe. So I borrowed a copy from the library and I read it on the metro and the bus (until I fall asleep). Its very different from the movie but it is still very good! The characters are a little darker, especially Evelyn Couch, and there are more characters in the book. There are more subplots and themes in the book also.

To think, prior to this, I just thought of Fannie Flagg (the author) as the actress who played a secretary on The New Dick Van Dyke Show and a perennial guest on The Match Game. Who knew she had all this talent as a writer?

Somebody cut in front of our bus downtown and we were almost in an accident. I thought we had been but I guess the bus driver stopped in the nic of time. When the bus stops like that everyone is jolted forward but luckily nobody was hurt. My forehead landed on the cushioned seat in front of me.

Since I’ve been setting my hair at night and no longer wear the floppy hat in the mornings and I think folks don’t recognize me and are concluding I’m a new bus rider. I think this because they smile and say hello. You’d think the glasses and back pack would be a give away though.

Last night both Jaunty and well-groomed were on the bus but they didn’t sit together. Maybe they had a lovers spat.