I took a vacation last week so today’s manic Monday was more difficult than most. My cat, Ophelia, was especially cute this morning purring and rolling on her back so it was hard to leave her! I bought some new shoes and clothes over my holiday and actually got up and blow-dried my hair! “Hah!” I thought! “I’ll surely rival Jaunty!”

My ride to the bus stop was uneventful. They were playing some especially beautiful string music on my classical music radio station. However, they’ve started to do this wine tasting thing which annoys me. Two pretentious men report on their wine tasting discoveries. This morning they critqued a “sensual and robust” Spanish wine. Don’t you just hate it when they use these type of adjectives to describe wine? They sound like they are talking about women and I think thats why it annoys me so much–especially on a manic Monday!

There was a flurry of buses at the commuter bus parking lot–three in a row! So I got a good seat. I noticed Jaunty who took a seat up front. Not to be outdone she wore an orange cotton jacket with a black skirt adorned with orange flowers. She’s so Jaunty! The bus driver was one who doesn’t interact with the bus driver groupies–she actually concentrates on her driving!

Since I’m going to see Bruce (Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce) in mid August I decided to listen to The River album which is on my IPOD. Bruce and me go way back. I had heard of him in the early 70s because he played mainly mid-Atlantic venues when he and the E-Street Band first started out. I didn’t really get into him until the Fall of 1975 when he appeared simultaneously on the covers of Time and Newsweek hailed as the “new Dylan” and the future of rock (I have seen the future of rock and roll and his name is Bruce Springsteen). His Born to Run album had just been released (albums were just $5.00 bucks back then) and I high tailed it down to the record store and bought it. That was a defining moment in my teenage years. Songs like Born to Run appealed to me in a “teenage wasteland” kinda way but the song Thunder Road! SWOON! Bruce perfectly captured in his lyrics what small town life was like in the latter part of the 20th century.

The screen door slams, Mary ,her dress sways. Like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays“.

Of course I played it constantly and annoyed my parents to no end! BTW Bruce has a song about a girl named Mary on every one of his albums. It must have been all that Catholic “schoolin'”! I went to Catholic School too so I totally understood.

There was no traffic so the bus was on time. At the metro all the escalators were working. There was a lovely breeze flowing as I trudged up the hill to “Whatsa Matta U”, where I work.